Water bottles with personalized labels for wedding
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Using Bottled Water for Weddings

Personalized water bottles can be a great accompaniment for weddings! Couples can create their own custom designs commemorating their special day and use personalized wedding water in several ways throughout their event. Outdoor wedding celebrations could have a few water stations filled with well-chilled customized water bottles to keep guests refreshed. During the reception, it […]
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How to make Water Bottle Labels

Have an upcoming event you’d like to personalize with water bottle labels? Great for birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebrations, use the tips below to put your decor and party over the top! Remove original water bottle labels Measure the dimensions of the original label (i.e. 2″ x 7″) Use Canva to create a […]
Personalized water bottles for luxury event
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5 Ways to use Custom Water Bottles for Business Branding

Branding promotional bottled water with your business information can be an effective strategy when combined with some of our tips below. Create healthy business associations customizing healthy purified bottled water and trying any of the following strategies: 1. Reception Stocking your reception area with chilled bottled water is a great way to welcome guests to […]
Personalized water bottles for birthday
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Label Artwork Tips

In news that will surely surprise you: high-quality graphics look better than low-quality graphics. Use the tips below to make sure your personalized bottled water label looks its best! Regardless of the files you upload or email, our support team will communicate suggestions on how to present your logo or design in the best light. […]
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Does Bottled Events work with promotional distributors (ASI, SAGE, etc.)

We believe the high-quality graphics and refreshing water combination we offer is a compelling branding opportunity for many businesses large and small. We are happy to work with ASI distributors and other brokers connected to these businesses and do offer distributor pricing. Contact us today for a detailed custom quote showing your exact costs and […]
Pallet of bottles
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Shipping Pitfalls to avoid when buying Water Bottles in Bulk

Over the years Bottled Events has had the pleasure of serving a multitude of different event types and there are a couple flags we have learned to look out for to help ensure smoother receipt of your customized water. Lift-gates MatterWhile certainly more expensive, purchasing lift-gate service (or finding a dock) will be a tremendous […]
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Can Custom Bottled Water be Re-sold in Stores?

Absolutely! Custom bottled water can indeed be re-sold in stores! In fact, Bottled Events volume pricing discounts extend even into the large quantities typically ordered by concert venues, hotels, resorts, casinos, golf courses, or gyms. All Bottled Events labels comply with state and federal guidelines and the (legal) shelf life of our purified water is […]
Water bottles with personalized labels
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Custom Label Water vs Private Label Water, what is the difference?

At Bottled Events, we think the water bottling should be naturally transparent. While sometimes used interchangeably, private label water is most commonly defined as customized water produced for brands that are selling in retail settings.
Water bottles with personalized labels for birthday
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BPA-Free: What is BPA and why should I avoid it?

You might notice Bottled Events is quick to point out that all bottles are BPA-free. This colorless synthetic compound, “Bisphenol A” is commonly found in consumer goods packing including water bottles. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that BPA is not a health concern, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned […]