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Shipping Pitfalls to avoid when buying Water Bottles in Bulk

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Over the years Bottled Events has had the pleasure of serving a multitude of different event types and there are a couple flags we have learned to look out for to help ensure smoother receipt of your customized water.

  1. Lift-gates Matter
    While certainly more expensive, purchasing lift-gate service (or finding a dock) will be a tremendous difference in how quickly your water gets delivered (and enjoyed). Each 24-pack case can weigh up to 30 pounds each, so it doesn’t take long to realize manually unloading gym weights would be faster (barbells have handles!).
  1. Shipping to a Trade show or Conference
    Many conferences inform attendees in advance on how to receive booth products. Disobey these instructions at your peril! Unless you are an incredibly big fan of the Office (S4 E13 “Job Fair”), you will likely be disappointed with your empty booth.
  1. Shipping via UPS Ground
    Depending on your order quantity, UPS will typically package ~2 cases of our water into one large box. Hand carts are a big life-saver here again as one box will weigh close to 60 pounds! In addition, while Bottled Events ships your order together, UPS has been known to adopt a little creativity in how they deliver each box. Bottled Events is always available to answer order tracking questions if this occurs, and to date, rest assured we have avoided 100% of Kevin McCallister delivery scenarios.

Have a question on the best shipping method for your event? Contact Bottled Events today to see how we can make your next event easier.