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Using Bottled Water for Weddings

Water bottles with personalized labels for wedding

Personalized water bottles can be a great accompaniment for weddings! Couples can create their own custom designs commemorating their special day and use personalized wedding water in several ways throughout their event.

Outdoor wedding celebrations could have a few water stations filled with well-chilled customized water bottles to keep guests refreshed.

During the reception, it is always good to have additional beverages offered outside the bar’s alcoholic options. Plus, there is likely to be dancing and guests will eventually need to rehydrate!

Many couples opt to provide commemorative gifts or mementos that all too often end up forgotten in some dusty corner. Instead, a humble bottle of water bottle becomes a highly appreciated wedding favor. Adding personalized water to guest gift bags is another great way to personalize your celebration! Guests will appreciate the keepsake and memento of the occasion.

Bottled Events can supply custom-labeled bottled water to weddings of all sizes. Impress your family, friends, and guests with bottled water personalized with your own special message.

Whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors, in June or January, personalized wedding water bottles can be a big hit on your special day!