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Custom Label Water vs Private Label Water, what is the difference?

Water bottles with personalized labels

At Bottled Events, we think the water bottling should be naturally transparent.

While sometimes used interchangeably, private label water is most commonly defined as customized water produced for brands in retail settings.

Water bottling under a private label is very common for both large brands (that don’t own their own manufacturing facilities) and smaller brands like hotels or car dealerships.

Custom labeled water by contrast would be distributed in practically every other fashion like trade show promotions, company branding, or private events.

Fortunately, Bottled Events treats custom label water and private label water with the same great customer service and competitive pricing.

Whether you call it Custom Label Water or Private Label Water or Personalized Water Bottles or Branded Water – forget the vocabulary quiz and contact Bottled Events today to see how we can support your next event!