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5 Ways to use Custom Water Bottles for Business Branding

Personalized water bottles for luxury event

Branding promotional bottled water with your business information can be an effective strategy when combined with some of our tips below. Create healthy business associations customizing healthy purified bottled water and trying any of the following strategies:

1. Reception

Stocking your reception area with chilled bottled water is a great way to welcome guests to your business and brand. Plus, it is a easy ice breaker and kind gesture to offer office guests “something to drink!”

2. Swag Bags

Why not include an item in your corporate SWAG bags that others can enjoy immediately? Adding bottled water with your custom logo and contact information is a great way to get your message into your customers’ hands.

3. Trade Show Booth

Try capturing new customer interest with a, “grab a water” sign that invites potential customers to your trade show booth. An offer of a free, refreshing beverage can be the simple introduction that gets the conversation rolling.

4. Community Events & Sponsorships

Odds are, there are several outdoor events being hosted in your community every weekend. Why not donate or hand out your branded water to events that are related to your business offerings? Co-branding the label with a school mascot or team name is an easy way to build positive association and awareness in your community regarding the services you offer.

Charity events are constantly seeking sponsorship and offer another great way to support your community while leaving neighbors with an easy way to get in touch with your business.

5. Company Meetings

Impress your clients with branded bottled water that themes your meeting and matches your business. Whether the meeting is serious or celebratory, your custom branded water label can be personalized to impress your audience.

Many times, when your client takes your branded bottled water with them, your brand message follows them as well. This increases exposure to both your meeting message and company branding. This builds familiarity and hopefully, positively impresses future business relationships.

Don’t Forget

Make sure to include easy ways to contact your business on your bottle label: logo, address, phone number, email, and website are all good elements to include on branded bottled water for business.

With our low minimums, branded water for your next event is budget-friendly and easily customizable for your business needs.

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