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How to make Water Bottle Labels

Personalized water bottles for corporate event

Have an upcoming event you’d like to personalize with water bottle labels? Great for birthday parties, baby showers, and other celebrations, use the tips below to put your decor and party over the top!

  1. Remove original water bottle labels
  2. Measure the dimensions of the original label (i.e. 2″ x 7″)
  3. Use Canva to create a label that matches the original dimensions
  4. Download Canva label to computer
  5. Open document editor (i.e. MS Word, Pages, etc.) and import or paste the downloaded Canva label
  6. Print out document as 100% size to maintain the right label dimensions
  7. Cut labels from the printed page(s)
  8. Use large clear tape to waterproof your design by taping both the front and back of the printed Canva labels
  9. Trim excess tape from label
  10. Wrap around nude bottles and tape on to finish your own customized water bottles!

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