Buy Custom Water, Help Fund Clean Water with Charity: Water

Aside from impressing your audience with Bottled Events branded water, you are also helping people in developing countries around the world get access to clean water. We each order, five dollars will go directly to Charity: Water to help rural areas develop access to clean water.

Here are Bottled Events, we realize how foundational clean water is to a healthy life. What we take for granted is unfortunately out of reach for almost 800 million people around the world. Not only does clean water prevent disease, but lack of access to clean water prevents children from attending school and traps families in cycles of poverty.

When a community establishes access to clean water, death from water-borne disease drops, children can attend school, and women (72% of whom are the primary collectors of water in Sub-Saharan Africa) have more time to focus on their family’s future.

Bottled Events works alongside Charity: Water to meet these needs in rural communities around the world. By purchasing water from us, you are contributing as well. Five dollars from every Bottled Events order definitely goes a long way!

Not only will you be empowering families around the world with the most essential element of life, but your brand will also be elevated with the quality of our labels and the refreshing taste of Bottled Events’ purified water. What better way to convert your thirstiest customers into your own brand ambassadors than with your own custom branded water?

Order today! With every order, $5 will go to getting clean water into the communities that need it the most with Charity: Water.

At Bottled Events, we know how bottled water can improve your business. With your help, we can also improve lives – one sip of clean water at a time.