Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping Timing

When will my order arrive?

• 12oz & 16.9oz ribbed bottles are produced in 15 business days.

• 8oz bottles are produced on the 5th of each month for orders with artwork approved 3 weeks prior.

• 16.9oz smooth bottles are produced on the 15th of each month for orders with artwork approved 3 weeks prior.

After production, orders are shipped and typically delivered within 1-5 business days (freight transit times for larger orders may take longer).

UPS Ground transit times by region:

How are the bottles shipped?

Across the US, small orders (<18 cases) are generally shipped via UPS Ground in boxes while larger orders are shipped via UPS or 3rd-party freight on pallets.

Bottled Events is committed to getting your order to you as soon as possible and uses multiple carriers to deliver your branded water order efficiently.

Please note palletized shipments will require a forklift or a dock accessible by an 18-wheeler. In the absence of these, Bottled Events will connect you with shippers that offer “Liftgate Delivery”.

Liftgate Delivery hires the shipper to deposit the water next to the truck.

Rush Orders are approved on a case-by-case basis with an additional fee.

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What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order is 12 cases (288 bottles) across all bottle sizes.

What is the artwork fee?

Bottled Events does not charge an artwork fee!

Can I check my order status?

Our customer support team will be happy to help! Simply contact us at 657-223-4007 to inquire about your order status.

What is included with Bottled Events’ pricing?

The bottle, clear cap, custom label, and purified water are all included in our pricing. There are 24 bottles in each case. Black and other colored caps are available upon request for an additional cost.

Shipping is calculated during the checkout process.

Can Bottled Events rush orders?

Rush requests are approved on a case-by-case basis with an additional fee. Please contact our support team @ 657-223-4007 for exact details.


Can I choose my own shipping carrier?

Bottled Events works with an established team of carriers in the US.

However, if you prefer to use your own third-party carrier, we can arrange orders to be picked up by your preferred 3rd-party carrier from our dock.

We also offer $97 flat rate shipping on approved local deliveries in Southern California.

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How many bottles will my event use?


💧Are there are additional beverage options for your attendees?

💧Will the event weather or temperature conditions influence guest thirst?

💧Will your label design be reusable for future events?

One case of 24 bottles will usually serve 20-30 people. For wedding events and other special occaisions, we recommend one bottle per guest.

What label sizes are used?

Please visit our templates page to learn more about label dimensions.

What is the best way to send in orders?

If ordering 100 cases or less (2,400 bottles), our quote form on our website will allow you to quote and place your order today. Larger orders can be placed over the phone at 657-223-4007.

Bottle Info


• 8oz, 12oz, and 16.9oz smooth and ribbed varieties.

• All bottles are BPA-free, 100% recyclable, and include clear caps.

• Smooth bottles use 50% less plastic (PET)

8oz Bottled Water

• Bottle Dimensions: 5″ tall, 2.25″ in diameter
• Label Dimensions: 2″x7.375”
• One case weighs 15 lbs
• One pallet consists of 108 cases

12oz Bottled Water

• Bottle Dimensions: 7″ tall, 2.25″ in diameter
• Label Dimensions: 2″x7.75”
• One case weighs 21 lbs
• One pallet consists of 84 cases

16.9oz Bottled Water

• Bottle Dimensions: 8″ tall, 2.5″ in diameter
• Label Dimensions: 2″x8”
• One case weighs 30 lbs
• One pallet consists of 72 cases

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Water Info

Bottled Events guarantees the refreshing taste of pure, clean water by exclusively sourcing purified water from FDA-licensed manufacturing plants.

Our water undergoes rigorous multi-step purification processes like reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and UV/Ozone treatment to remove all impurities and to ensure you get to enjoy the refreshing taste of pure, clean water.

Label Info

Are the labels already applied on the bottles?

• Yes

Is there an artwork fee?

• No; Bottled Events does not charge an additional label or artwork fee.

What are the labels made from?

• Labels are digitally printed on a white, waterproof synthetic material.

• Labels can be fully submerged in water and not get soggy or destroyed.

Can I purchase the labels without bottles?

• No, not at this time.

Return Policy

Due to the custom nature of our products, Bottled Events does not offer returns or refunds.

Once the order is in transit, Bottled Events is not liable and does not issue refunds for missed event dates due to carrier errors.

Returns or refunds will not be granted for missing an event date if the appropriate amount of time for order processing and shipping was not allowed. Bottled Events will make every effort to contact the customer when there is not enough time to complete an order. If you are unsure if your order will be received in time, please contact us with your event date and shipping zip code.

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